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     Always Ready Cart Care has 3 maintenance plans: (1) Monthly; (2) Seasonal – the six peak in-season months, April – September, then every-other month in the off season (a total of 9 maintenance service visits per year); and (3) Bi-Monthly (every other month).


Customers may request unscheduled service at maintenance plan rates if they have a maintenance plan. For example, a Seasonal Plan participant could request service in a month off their every other month schedule in the winter.

Charges: Each time maintenance is performed at the home: $35 for first cart, $25 per cart for all other carts at the location. For example, 2 carts would be $60 per trip to the home.


1. Drive all carts to – observe for any abnormal conditions or sounds;


Further test-drive as necessary; check brakes

2. Inspect body for damage

3. Wash the batteries and the battery box to remove dirt, debris and corrosive material (washed in street, not driveway)

4. Inspect and tighten battery terminals as necessary, replace damaged, worn or unsafe cables as needed (prevents arcing across loose cables or gaps on terminal connections in order to prevent terminal melting); apply protector to terminals

5. Fill each battery cell to their proper water level with distilled water

6. Check tire pressures and fill as necessary to manufacturer pressure specifications

7. Inspect tires for wear

8. Check lights and replace bulbs as necessary

9. Drive carts back to garage – inspect garage floor for any evidence of battery overflow or leakage

10. Reconnect chargers which have float charging features; as directed by owner reconnect chargers (1) for full/top-off charging or (2) to carts with digital components

11. Report any abnormal conditions to the owner – particularly the condition of batteries and tires

12. Make repairs as directed by the homeowner


We do not require any contract for these services– customers may discontinue any time. Services are billed monthly. Pre-payments and credit cards accepted.

Preventative Care

We have service plans that are designed to fit the different needs of Bald Head Island homeowners. Call us today for an estimate 910-457-4497.

Emergency Care

If trouble occurs after hours call 910-457-4497 and we will take care of you first thing in the morning, usually before 10am.

Service Plans


Worry Free

Monthly service plans provide the peace of mind that every trip to Bald Head will not be plagued with cart troubles.



Seasonal plans provide 6 routine maintenance visits in peak sseason and bi-monthly service in the off-season.



Bi-Monthly plans can get extended life out of batteries and head off major issues. 

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