Custom Remanufactured Carts

Always Ready Cart Care has the experience and facility to rebuild your cart from the ground up.  We replace old parts with warranty covered ones.  Before we look at the process it is important to understand why a remanufactured cart maybe the best fit  for you.

Why Remanufacture?

A remanufactured cart is cleaned and inspected from top to bottom. At ant point during the rebuild processr we can upgrade items as the buyer sees fit. In some circumstances, a remanufactured cart is the better choice.

Why Use Club Car?

We find the best Club Cars available. Generally, these are carts coming off a long term lease. Club Cars are the most durable carts on the market. Their aluminum chasis is ideal for the salt water environment of Bald Head Island.



Pick It

We pick the best used carts available. .

Wash It

The chasis is stripped and parts are tested for performance.

Strip it

We pressure and acid wash the carriage to ensure there is no hidden wear.

Rebuild It

We add the finest components, replacing any defective parts with warranty covered ones.

Customize It

From enclosures to trailer hitches, add any custom features you want and drive it home!

Remanufacturing Process

From the Ashes

Each Custom Rebuild has had its useful life restored!  From the ground up, these carts are prepared to take on Bald Head Island's enviromental challenges.


1. Search Quality leased carts coming off

2. Disassemble entire cart

3. Power Wash Chassis

4. Rebuild Begins

5. Mechanical Rebuild

6. New Body with Custom Paint

7. New Electrical

8. New Seats

9. Install 2-in-1 Rear Flip Seat

10. Custom Wheels with Heavy Springs

11. Flip Style Windshield Installed

12. Install Choice of Roof

13. Custom Accessories are added

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